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Siren Bay by The-Oyster-Idol Siren Bay by The-Oyster-Idol
Wow this took a long time... And i decided it was good enough at this point!
Anyway it took a week, and just a few hours ago my peace was disturbed by a bat who crawled down our chimney and though my face might need a hug. (I ran and hid in the bathroom) ANYWAY this is my first actual digital art work, pretty legit.
I decided to start with something I knew well, which was "mermaids" but these are sirens. Sirens in greek/roman mythology are large vulture like birds with beautiful women's faces that sing a mans destiny. But of course their songs are so amazing ships tend to sail into the rocky waters and the men get eaten by the sirens. Hey, gotta make a living somehow right?
But some people show sirens as mermaid like creatures with little angle wings, so that's what I did.
These three are watching yet another group of ships sail by, ever since that jerk Odysseus spread the word about wax blocking out the sound they are STARVING. And frankly depressed, lonely and single. (They wanted me to give out their numbers, don't worry guys I refused.)

Oh and done in Photoshop on a Wacom Tablet! (The thing is awesome yet a pencil is sooooooo much more simple)
Siren Bay!!!
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September 13, 2013
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