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Newest Deviations

Mage P.8 Aaron stood before the floor length mirror fumbling with the buttons on his wrists. He felt like he was looking at someone else's reflection, someone a lot more like Travis. The fact he was wearing his older brother's old clothes wasn't helping the mage feel much better. 
Unlike giants, who could change their size themselves, changing the size of other objects required very advanced magic. And yes, when a giant shifted size so did their clothes because of the skin-to-skin contact and with the help of a little concentration, but Aaron doubted he could manage that. Neither brother expected they would be able to call a warlock over to change half of Aaron's own clothes to a larger scale, so Travis dug out what he could find from storage. 
Aaron remembered this green-brown flannel, it had been one of his brother's favorites when he was four years younger and before his chest filled out. It still smelled of the forest, holding thick earthy scents. The jeans were dirty and torn at

The Adventures of an Elf and His Naga: P.11The sky was a pale periwinkle as Armon huffed through his teeth. His arms burned from the strain of holding the weight of his body only by the strength of his fingers and forearms. The stinging sensation of his palms was sign enough that his hands had worn raw from clawing at the dirt of the walls for so long, desperately searching for the firm silken roots that were his only handholds. 
And yet, only a foot away was the rim of the pit! Even if it had taken him all night, he was nearly there. 
He kept his moans and groans as quiet as he could as he shuffled along the wall, preparing himself to make the reach for the next and last visible handhold. With a silent count to three, the elf lurched his body upward and his left hand grabbed the next root and he pulled himself upward, red in the face from the effort of clinging to the wall for so long. 
"Almost, there," He snarled and jumped again, this time his fingers catching a tuff of grass hanging over the edge of the pit.

The Adventures of an Elf and His Naga:P.10 2017NEWArmon was getting really angry at himself for fainting so often. 
He immediately recognized the rich, earthy smell of soil as his eyelids fluttered open. Although it was dark, he could make out curved walls peppered with small pebbled stones and fine roots that encircled him. The floor was a slightly concaved dome shape, and not large of him to lay out full length, so instead, he was on his side in a fetal position. 
Armon slowly pushed himself up into a sitting position as he rubbed off stubborn clods of dirt stuck to his cheek. He noticed his clothes had been partially stripped because his Guard jacket was missing, leaving him in his simple cotton undershirt, and with further observation, he also noticed he was barefoot. He snarled to himself with the further realization he was missing his sword belt, sword, and the daggers he had hidden both at his waist and in his now-missing socks. 
His eyes moved upwards, following the seemingly impossibly deep walls to t

Mage P.7 *Brief mentions of vore material. Don't like, don't read*
Drew awoke with a pounding headache. "Ugh," the sorcerer moaned and lifted his head which hung heavy on his shoulders. His eyes blinked and he was immediately frustrated by his blurry vision. "Wha..." The teen pressed a hand to his forehead as he looked straight ahead.
Where am I? He wondered as his eyes narrowed. The air two-arms-lengths away was disfigured, no, it was glass. A window then? How bizarre. Drew frowned as his eyes looked for the frame of this window, but the glass wall continued, curving at the rounded corners and down to the smooth floor. Was it all glass? 
Drew's eyes narrowed on the details of the glass wall in front of him. L L A B, a word be could make out in a cursive-esque script on the outside surface of the jar. Did it say Ball?
A sudden burst of panic swelled in the boy's chest as his palms slammed against the cold and smooth fl

Mage P.6*Brief mentions of vore material. Don't like, don't read*
Aaron landed on the flat of his back on the hardwood floor of his brother's townhouse. He gasped, the air knocked from his lungs from both the unexpected fall and jarring whiplash teleporting through the Veil inflicted. He sat up slowly, pressing a palm into a pounding temple, as he tried to adjust his eyes to the darker mudroom around him. 
With a flash of light, a rolled scroll of paper came slingshotting out of the air and smacked Aaron straight in the face. The parchment rolled away as Aaron swore and held his now hurt eye with one hand and temple with the other. 
He groaned and scowled and dragged his fingers down his cheeks, "Th't couldn't have been worse..."  
Aaron remained unaware of his brother stirring out from the small kitchen. The older giant was still in his pajamas–boxers and a ratty tank top–and sporting an open bathrobe. His maroon hair was ruffled with bed head and e

Awesome Art

Spring Semester starts 1/18/17!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 15, 2018, 12:46 PM
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Squid Empire
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  • Drinking: Milk
Just a heads up that my classes start up this Thursday and the college mayhem will follow. Regardless, I have the goal to post at least 1 short story piece every 2 weeks (because writing is usually relaxing and helps me destress). 

I will, however, be extremely busy this semester so I might be slower to reply and or check things on my account. But I am gonna try to be good (haha). 

I set the 2-week goal because I will also be focusing on reading a lot more this semester outside of class, as it is part of my New Year's Resolution / Goal for this year. And, I do write less when I am reading more–like I read 4 big books over my winter break and as a result did not write as much as I was hoping on here. 

About the Artist


I am a college student majoring in Marine Science with a minor in Biology. However, I still enjoy writing and doodling as forms of destressing, and these are the sorts of things you will find on my page.
What I post on here is mostly personal practice and silly drabbles. I mostly submit to the "short story" or "multiple chapters" sections. Most–if not all–of the literature on here is writen with my original characters which I aspire to someday write about in some novels. I have a lot of practice to do before then, but I hope people enjoy what I have to offer on DA!
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